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Complicated Questions, Simple Answers


No matter how complicated or chaotic a situation may seem, the path of least resistance is the answer. Go with the flow.

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By |October 5th, 2015|Inspire with Quotes|

The Snow Mansion

We left Albuquerque and ended up at these hot springs with the intention of going to Taos, New Mexico. When we were there, we had no idea where we were going to stay. After a few hours at the hot springs, we started talking to a couple. They mentioned they came from a great place called the Abdominal Snow Mansion. They said it was hostel and healing center with a great community of people running it. We took their advice and stayed there.


The place ended up being so special. In the group photo below there was Muna, the hostel owner.  She was a very interesting person. She ended up giving me a healing session and said I was the king of stupid questions. She also said I came to earth this time around to make a big positive impact for everyone. I found out she studied under Dr ladd, who was an Ayurvedic doctor.


The only other time I went to New Mexico was when I was a very small and I went with my parents to see that same doctor. In the photo with me and the guy with the same color bandana is Ramon. Ramon was half Cherokee, and led sweat lodges at the snow mansion. He mentioned pink was his favorite color.  He told me he was a stuntman for many movies including “Django Unchained”. We attended a ceremony he led, and that was one of the most special things I have ever been to. He dedicated the sweat lodge to Matt and me. The chanting he was doing once again brought up many tears and was really moving.


Lastly, there is a picture of me, a girl and a guy. The girl is doing a headstand on my car. Tom and Amber pretty much left around the same time I left LA. They were from LA, but moving to Colorado. We had hit pretty much all the same spots on the way to Taos, as they had gone on as well. Once again, I met people on parallel journeys, the flow was present. They were really into acryo yoga, and I was able to try it out with them. The Snow Mansion was just a catalyst for amazing people. After leaving, I talked to my mom and I found out the day I had my healing treatment with Muna was the 21st anniversary of my dad’s death. I could really sense his presence on my trip. It warmed my heart. Anyone in the Taos area has to come stay at this place, it’s magical. I have great footage with all of these amazing people that will be posted soon. To find out more info you can go to www.snowmansion.com


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By |October 5th, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|

I Saw A Guy with a Crazy Bird Hat On

crazybirdhatWhen I went to the balloon festival I went to find a place to stick my Go-pro camera. I saw a guy with a crazy bird hat on. I always look out for people that stand out from the norm, it usually means their solid peeps. We started talking, and he happened to have three hot air balloons flying in the festival all with happy faces on them. Talk about a sign, the one guy I talk to at the festival has the same logo as my car. Philippe was from France and lived his life to the fullest. I actually became one of his crewmembers, wrangling his balloons when they were done flying. Just to stumble in a town and have such a priceless connection like this really confirmed the whole road was ordained. There is some great footage we captured with me and Philippe and his crew. It will be posted soon on this website.


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By |October 2nd, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|

Inspire With Art: Expansion

expansion-sculpture #InspireWithArt – Awakening is self-destructive. We need to break from the chains that society and ourselves put on us to WAKE UP!

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By |September 30th, 2015|Inspire with News|

Every Human Experience is Unique

Every human experience is unique. We all have trials and tribulations, hopes and dreams. What’s interesting about this fact is that it puts into perspective how everyone is just like us in the sense that we all undergo a complexity of emotions and experiences. Reflect on that today and let’s be compassionate to our fellow human BEings.


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By |September 29th, 2015|Inspire with Quotes|

You Deserve Nothing But The Best


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By |September 29th, 2015|Inspire with Quotes|

The Most Astounding Fact – Neil deGrasse Tyson

One of the most famous ‪#‎astrophysicists‬, Dr. ‪#‎NeilDeGrasseTyson‬ was once asked, “What is the most astounding fact you can share with us about the Universe?”

This is his answer.


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By |September 29th, 2015|Inspire with Videos|

Bonding at the Hi-Way Motel

Photo Oct 06, 11 31 40 AM

From Sedona, I went to Albuquerque, NM. The only reason I went to there was to see the Avett Brothers in concert. It turned out to be quite the lame show, but while we were there, we found out the largest hot air balloon festival in the world was going on, so we decided to stay longer and check it out.  We needed a place to stay and just drove around town and found this motel called the Hi-Way Motel. It turned out to be a roach motel. The bed was slanted, the pool was green, there were actual roaches and the clock didn’t work. What it lacked in comfort, it made up for in community. Here is a picture of me and the owner of the hotel. He was a great guy whose parents started the motel. Him and the other workers always hung out on the porch, and it was great to meet such nice people and hang out with them. I will trade comfort any day to bond with nice people.


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By |September 28th, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|

Connections at the Beautiful Sedona Mountains

Photo Oct 04, 1 14 45 PM

As we were about to leave Sedona, we were taking some last minute shots of the beautiful Sedona Mountains. A guy, who was working on the roof of a local hotel, approached our car. He said, “‘Be Happy,’ I love that.  That was my son’s favorite thing to say”.  I asked him “Where’s your son now?” He mentioned that his son was hit by a drunk driver and killed a few years ago. His son was the same age as me. After this happened, this man named Kevin, hit rock bottom and turned to alcohol and drugs, and also became homeless. He turned himself around and now has been clean for a long time.

I love meeting people like Kevin, people that go through a lot in life but they never give up. He mentioned how grateful he was to meet us because he doesn’t open up to people like this, but felt comfortable around our presence. I bonded with Kevin because I lost my dad and he lost his son. It really was a special connection that was formed. You can see our beautiful interaction at a later day on this site.

– Tim

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By |September 25th, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|

Henry David Thoreau

I went on this retreat and met Sam. We found out that we both lived on Franklin Ave, and both shared the same middle name, like the street we live on, Franklin. We both got our middle name from our grandmothers. Our grandmother shared the same name, Francis, as well. We also found out we went to the same high school and were a year apart, but never met.

All I can say is WOW!!! Sam is also a great photographer. You can check out his work at www.samcomen.com

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By |September 25th, 2015|Inspire with Videos|