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Jessica: Making Friends at the Holly Shorts Film Festival

A major turning point over the last couple of years was meeting a girl named Jessica. We both had a film play at the Holly Shorts Film Festival. I was with some friends and we asked someone to take our picture. The girl that took our photo was very awkward and there was an extremely long pause as she took our photos. It’s like she was messing with us or something. After the photo was taken we walked into see some short films. The first movie that played happened to be starring the same girl who took our photo and her name was Jessica. It was a movie called “Chicken”, and it was about a girl “divirgenizing” a guy, and Jessica was naked for part of the movie. It was really funny and painfully awkward. I had so much admiration for her to be so ballsy to expose herself like that on the screen. I loved the movie because it was so awkward and funny, and I also really related to it because the story about how I lost my virginity was even more awkward than her movie.  We can go over that at a later date.

2013-09-06 01.06.00-2

After the movie I went up to her and told her how much I loved her film and she mentioned that it was based on a true story that happened to her.  We ended up spending three amazing days together. I am not sure what happened when I was around her, but my intuition really came through. It’s like she somehow created a safe space for me to see how intuitive I am. There was this weird sense of comfort around her that I can’t explain. It was something that I had never felt around any other girl before. It’s as though we knew each other in a previous life. It was still awkward around her but very comfortable at the same time. A deep connection was formed. It’s like after three days we didn’t know each other very well, but at the same time, it felt like we have known each for many, many years. I was sad to see her leave to New York after three days, but excited to see when we could spend time together again.

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By |September 8th, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|

Lyfting Spirits

When I was driving for Lyft in my happy car, I got inspired to start filming people asking them deep questions about life as I drove them around.  The selection of people I ended up filming was really diverse. One of the guys I filmed was a field reporter for fox news, and within minutes notice he could be flown to a war zone. I even filmed a girl who was a professional women’s basketball player and a rapper. It turned out I even knew her roommateJ.  The filming went so well I got a pilot green lit by Soulpancake, which is Rain Wilson’s YouTube channel. He is best known as Dwight from the show The Office. Unfortunately, though as time went on, they passed on producing the pilot. Here is the sizzle reel I made for Soulpancake. Check out there YouTube channel it’s filled with lot’s a of positive content

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Don’t Worry, Be Happy


A major transition happened in my life when I bought my Toyota Prius. I bought the car because I wanted to drive for Lyft and needed a car with good gas mileage and four doors. I sold my truck and got the Prius. I got inspired to get creative with my car because many Lyft drivers pimped out their cars. Some drivers turned them into party karaoke cars or even made their whole car into one big chalkboard where you could write all over the car.

2015-05-07 18.21.45

I got inspired to put a giant happy face on my car and to put the word’s “Don’t worry, be happy” on the sides of my car. From the minute I bought the car, it was a good luck charm. The salesman who sold me the car said it was his first car he had ever sold. He was overjoyed when we made the deal. Here I am with my new Happy Prius to show the team that sold it to me. Look at him, his first car ever sold was a Happy Prius 🙂

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The Journey Begins


It’s official. Inspire with Words, a movement of inspiration, is up and running.
This is a movement, in which I have been filming, writing, taking pictures, collecting inspiring videos, and subscribing to positive news outlets over the last two years. A lot of work has been put into making Inspire with Words a hub for inspiration.  The true beauty of this site is that you will be able to follow my personal  journey for inspiration. These past two years have seen me purchase a Toyota Prius and turn it into a Happy Prius. I  have drove “The Happy Prius” cross country in an attempt to move to New York while filming the whole road trip. I fell in love twice and was heartbroken twice. I volunteered in Kenya. I have done the mind altering substance ayahuasca. I volunteered  weekly at a homeless community center showing inspiring movies and engaging the homeless in dynamic conversations about life. I played a hippy nudist in a scripted reality show. I lost good friends and made good friends. I purchased my first home and turned it into a down the rabbit hole AirBNB accommodation. The last two and half years has been amazing, horrible and most importantly surreal. I have been up and down and all around,  thinking  the world would end numerous times. The one real truth though about these two years is I have put my heart on my sleeve and my journey is real. I hope you all enjoy the content. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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By |August 25th, 2015|Inspire with Tim's Journey|