After leaving New Mexico we headed to Texas. The landscape in New Mexico, combined with the sunsets, are so pretty, but once you end up in Texas, it’s like you are in a living hell. The landscape is flat and it lacks any feeling at all. We ended up driving around 14 hours to get to Dallas. We only went there because Matt had a uncle living there, and it was a place for us to stay to break up the drive to Houston. We ended up coming to Dallas on one of their biggest days of the year. It was the day Texas plays Oklahoma at the Cotton Bowl at the Texas State Fair.



Just to be at the state fair is a spectacle in itself, its gigantic. It’s true everything is bigger in Texas. When you have thousands of people coming from Oklahoma and Austin it creates a very interesting environment. I met some really interesting people at the state fair. I even met a guy who claimed he would be the future mayor of Dallas one day. Once again we just stumbled into a big event that wasn’t planned and had another unplanned meaningful experience. We have some great footage from this day it will be posted soon.