While I was in New York, I had the opportunity to film Matthew Van Dyke in my Happy Prius. He has such an epic story. He was riding his motorcycle around North Africa and the Middle East and ended up in Libya. While he was there he befriended many Libyans and decided to fight with the rebel army groups to defeat Gadhafi. In this process, he ended up getting caught and put in solitary confinement for six months. In those six months they tortured him in all ways. He thought he was going to die. While he was in prison, the Libyan revolution occurred and he was let loose. He is now in Iraq training with soldiers to combat Isis. He has had one of the most interesting lives of all the people I have met. In Wikipedia he is quoted as the next Che Guevara. There is footage of him in my car that will be posted soon. He is also a great filmmaker and made a movie about what is going on in Syria called “Not Anymore. A Story of Revolution.”

For more information about Matt, you can go to Also, check out his great movie!